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V-Gen, the digital energy management platform is developed by VTC Energy’s expert team members. It is integrated with all market instruments (EPEX, Nordpool, IBEX, EPİAŞ, etc) and manages the energy of all electricity generation plants regardless of source.


V-Gen is a digital energy management platform that works integrated with energy exchanges, TSOs, DSOs and third party service providers and electricity generating facilities with a daily generation-consumption plan, which reduces energy costs up to 20%


V-Sensor data collection processes are carried out using special measurement devices developed for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platforms. The measuring devices used stand out with their long life, small size and low energy consumption


V-Market is a software product that effectively manages energy trading by enabling members operating in energy markets to digitally integrate it the product offered by the market operator.


V-Forecast is a software solution for forecasting of electricity load. The solution is a self-learning and self-calibrating system. It is based on AI, Machine Learning, Statistical Models and historical load data to automatically produce accurate electricity load forecasts.

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