VTC Enerji

We monitor our customers energies remotely and minimize their costs.


We monitor our customers’ energies remotely in order to manage energy effectively. We collect all measured parameters in a single center through V-Gen, report them transparently, and provide transparent and sustainable energy management support by informing our customers through all communication channels in all possible problems.


With V-Gen, we perform cost optimization in order to minimize the energy costs of all our customers who produce or consume electricity, and with this optimization, we aim to minimize the energy costs of our customers. Since electricity prices change daily and hourly in today’s dynamic market conditions, we make working plans according to these prices and ensure that our customers work more during the hours when electricity is cheaper. In this direction, we reduce the costs of our customers by up to 25%.


With the reporting service we offer, we monitor the energy of our customers in a transparent manner, and we ensure that energy is analyzed transparently with point-based production/consumption information, comparative graphics and cost calculations. Our powerful reporting, which enables holding or group companies with more than one facility to see their costs down to the details of the product, is very beneficial both in terms of predictability and in terms of knowing the costs more clearly when pricing.


With remote monitoring data, automatic consumption estimation and ECM transactions, we provide our customers with an effective imbalance management, we provide an advantage in reducing the cost of imbalance and supplying energy with minimum cost.


Especially in recent years, increasing renewable energy investments in our country and while these investments are supported by foreign currency, supplementary costs have become unpredictable with the unpredictable rise of foreign currency. With the algorithm we developed with the expertise of VTC Energy, we estimate the unpredictable costs of our customers arising from the Renewable Energy Resources Support Mechanism (RERSM), update them regularly and enable them to manage their processes more optimally with very low deviations.


We offer special solutions to our customers with our expert staff, and contribute to the optimum management of energy by taking quick actions to potential problems. By combining services such as electricity supply, imbalance management, reporting and billing of different consumption points, we enable our stakeholders to manage their portfolios more easily and efficiently.


With V-Gen, we compare the production costs of companies that produce and consume electricity at the same time with the market clearing prices (PTF) formed in the Day-Ahead Market (DAM), and we automatically send the generation-consumption plan to the producers every day according to their constraints. In particular, users who generate electricity from natural gas and coal can adapt to this planning more easily because they can be more flexible. In case of any change in the plans during the day, we make automatic transactions in order to reduce costs in the Energy Markets, Intraday Market. With our holistic cost approach, we make a significant contribution to reducing energy costs. Accordingly, we reduce the energy costs of our stakeholders by 20% on average.

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