VTC Enerji

Efficiency Increasing Projects, or EIP in its short form, is an incentive offered by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources for industrial facilities. With VTC Energy, EEP supports can be used and 30% benefit is provided to the facilities with a maximum project cost of TRY 5 million.


Verimlilik Artırıcı Projeler veya kısa hali ile VAP, Enerji ve Tabii Kaynaklar Bakanlığının endüstri kuruluşları için sunduğu bir teşviktir. VTC Enerji ile VAP desteklerinden yararlanılabilir ve proje bedeli maksimum 5 Milyon TL olacak şekilde işletmeye %30 oranında fayda sağlanır. 


What is EIP?

Industrial enterprises work every day of the year and consume a very high level of energy. Enterprises benefit from the EIP support of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources with the VTC Energy service. Accordingly, it enables companies to benefit from energy consultancy and save money. Thus, it is aimed to use the resources of our country, which is dependent on foreign energy, more effectively and to increase the profitability of industrial enterprises

How to Apply to EIP?

EIP can be applied with projects developed with energy  audit and energy efficiency consultancy. With projects, industrial facilities reduce their energy consumption in the short, medium and long term. Thus, both their profitability increases and thanks to EIP, support up to TRY 1.5 Million (Investment cost TRY 5 Million, 30% of the amount to be paid to the business TRY 1.5 Million) can be used. EIP applications are made through the Energy Efficiency Support Management System (EESMS). The evaluation commissions determined by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources examine the projects applied for. The projects approved as a result of the examinations are published on the website of the ministry and the facilities included in the list may proceed to the implementation phase with the publication of the list.

What are the EIP Support Requirements?

The conditions sought by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources for EIP support are listed as follows:

    • The facilities must be affiliated with the Chambers of Industry or Commerce. 
    • In order for the facilities to initiate the EIP process, it must be registered in the Energy Efficiency Support Management System (EESMS) database.
    • The facilities must enter energy consumption and energy management information into the ministry’s database EVDES portal).
    • The energy value consumed by the facilities in the last 3 years must be 500 TOE or more. 
    • Organizations can open up to 5 project files at the same time.
    • The repayment periods of the projects should not be longer than 5 years and the implementation process should be maximum 2 years. 
    • The facilities must have or have applied for ISO 50001 Energy Management System. 
    • The facilities should have an energy manager or should receive consultancy services from companies providing energy consultancy such as VTC Energy. 

VTC Energy and EIP

VTC Energy enables industrial facilities to save energy without reducing their production quality. VTC Energy’s expert staff examines all processes in industrial facilities and ancillary facilities such as equipment, production units and machinery.

Since industrial facilities work every day and every hour, even the slightest improvement can provide significant financial advantages. Thus, a step is taken for a great saving.

During the examinations, operations such as measurement are carried out and the areas that can be saved are determined with energy facilities. In line with the report, outputs such as energy consumption maps, methods to save energy, areas where improvement can be made are obtained. Efficiency Improving Projects can be developed for facilities in line with the outputs.


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