VTC Enerji

VTC Energy enables the enterprises that produce with green energy to acquire I-REC, which is the International Renewable Energy Certificate, as soon as possible according to the amount and resource type they demand.

VTC Enerji, yeşil enerji ile üretim yapan işletmelerin; talep ettikleri miktar ve kaynak türüne göre en kısa süre içerisinde Uluslararası Yenilenebilir Enerji Sertifikası olan I-REC’i almalarını sağlar.

What is I-REC?

I-REC is the international certification that certifies that power plants that produce energy use renewable resources in electricity production. 

Renewable energy producers can register in the I-REC database by meeting the necessary conditions, licensed or unlicensed. Accordingly, they can create a source of income for themselves by selling the certificates created outside the trade of the energy produced.

On the consumer side, it can be proved that the energy consumed is renewable energy without changing the source of the energy consumed from the network.

What are the Advantages of I-REC Certificates?

  • They support the increase of renewable energy strategies of compaines.
  • It help increase the market share of the green energy sector by increasing the demand for green energy and its producers. 
  • They are used to reduce the carbon footprint of all enterprises and can be used in carbon footprint reporting.
  • I-REC Certificate ensure that enterprises are exempt from taxation due to carbon footprint.
  • Green Energy Certificates can be obtained for future consumption and the value of past consumption.
  • They help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They also increase the share of renewable resources in the electricity produced.

How to Get an I-REC Certificate?

All enterprises can obtain the I-REC certificate up to their demanded (MW) consumption. In order to minimize carbon emissions from electricity consumption, which constitutes the largest part of the carbon footprint reports of the enterprises, the enterprises may procure I-REC certificates covering all or a certain amount of their electricity consumption. In addition, consumers can collateral that they meet their retroactive and future electricity consumption from renewable energy sources with the I-REC certificate.

What is the Contribution of VTC Energy to I-REC Certificate Processes?

VTC Energy, which can respond to all the needs and demands of all enterprises, especially industrial enterprises, in the field of energy, can respond regardless of the source type of I-REC certificate requests being wind, solar, geothermal, biomass and hydro energy. I-REC certificates may be procured on behalf of your company as soon as possible according to the requested amount and resource type.

In addition, producer companies with “renewable power plants” can be supported in power plant registration, export and redemption processes.

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