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V-Market is a software product that effectively manages energy trading by enabling members operating in energy markets to digitally integrate it the product offered by the market operator. V-Market enables trading in day-ahead, intraday and ancillary services markets, as well as the management of bilateral agreements in over-the-counter markets. It offers ready-made algorithms for all traded markets and a wide range of options to reflect your own energy trading

How it Works?

V-Market integrates EPEX SPOT, Nord Pool, EPİAŞ and other exchanges to facilitate seamless trading and information flow. With its multi-market design, trading in multiple energy exchanges at the same time with a single login is possible. Any trading strategy can be applied seamlessly with V-Market’s extensive algorithmic trading capabilities. In addition to the trading features, V-Market also capable of processing production plans, real-time metering data and forecast data. With its architectural design, V-Market can generate added value as a stand-alone product or it can be integrated to the other V-Gen products or external software solutions to satisfy variety of business scenarios. V-Market gets production plan changes instantly and process the data for Day-Ahead and intraday market operations. To maximize the efficiency, real-time energy values are received via V-Sensor and the latest forecast values are received via V-Forecast. Thus, optimum energy management is ensured by using real-time data in energy trading algorithms.


Day Ahead Market

Intraday Market

Realtime Monitoring


Production & Load Forecast

Balancing Power Markets


Market Settings

– Management of all market transactions from a single center
– Fast and error-free operation capability with user-friendly design
– Instant position tracking with real-time integrations
– Access from all devices with its web-based design

Key Benefits

  • Multi Market Management
  • Real-Time Data Flow
  • Algotrade

Multi-market management in the energy sector involves handling and optimizing energy trading and operations across various markets. EPEX SPOT and Nord Pool are two prominent European energy exchanges where electricity is traded.  Energy companies often operate in multiple markets to diversify risk, optimize pricing, and take advantage of regional differences in supply and demand. Multi-market management allows for cross-border trading, enabling companies to buy and sell electricity across different countries and regions. Companies can optimize their energy generation and consumption assets by participating in multiple markets, adapting strategies based on market conditions. V-Market integrates EPEX SPOT, Nord Pool, EPİAŞ and other exchanges to facilitate seamless trading and information flow.

Multi-market management in the energy sector involves navigating the complexities of different energy exchanges, optimizing trading strategies, and leveraging specialized software and tools to ensure efficient operations and risk management.

A powerful way to trade energy markets are volatile and uncertain, requiring traders to have access to the most accurate and up-to-date information. Manual data collection and analysis can be slow, incomplete, and unreliable.

Real-Time Data Flow allows you to get the real-time energy data from our other software products V-Gen, V-Sensor, and V-Forecast, and use it to make informed and timely trading decisions. It can also integrated with your existing products seamlessly.

With Real-Time Data Flow, you can:

- See the changes on production plans instantly and act accordingly
- Manage imbalances effectively and track your positions easily
- Get high-resolution forecast data for renewable power plants from different service providers
- Get load forecast data for the assets consuming energy
- Compare and analyze different data sources and scenarios
- Optimize your trading strategies and maximize your profits

Real-Time Data Flow is a powerful way to trade energy, giving you an advantage over the market. Try it today and see the difference for yourself!

Energy markets are dynamic and complex, requiring traders to constantly monitor prices, supply, demand, and other factors. Manual trading can be time-consuming, error-prone, and inefficient.

That’s why we offer you Algo-trading, a key feature of our software product that integrates to energy exchanges. Algo-trading allows you to design and execute algorithms on the energy market, using Python, C# or JavaScript. You can create your own custom strategies, or use our predefined templates, to automate your trading decisions and optimize your performance.

With Algo-trading:
- Save time and effort by letting the algorithms do the work for you
- Reduce human errors and biases by following a consistent and logical approach
- Enhance your profitability by exploiting market opportunities and minimizing risks
- Gain insights and feedback from the algorithms’ performance and results
- Adjust and refine your algorithms as the market conditions change
- Algo-trading is a smart way to trade energy, giving you an edge over the competition. Try it today and see the difference for yourself!

Who Is It For?



Using V-Market is quite simple. You can manage all your transactions from a single center to trade in the energy markets you are a member of. Thanks to real-time integrations, you can track your position instantly and access it from any device thanks to its web-based design.

V-Market allows you to trade day-ahead, balancing, intraday and ancillary services markets. You can also manage bilateral agreements in over-the-counter markets.

V-Market is integrated with EPEX SPOT, Nord Pool, EPİAŞ and other exchanges, so you can trade and exchange information seamlessly.

Real-Time Data Feed enables you to receive real-time energy data from our other software products such as V-Gen, V-Sensor and V-Forecast and use this data to make informative and timely trading decisions.

Algo-trading allows you to create algorithms in the energy market and trade using these algorithms. This saves time, reduces errors, increases profitability and gives you a competitive edge. You can create custom strategies using Python, C# or JavaScript or use ready-made templates.

V-Market allows users to manage all their market transactions from a single center. It also has a user-friendly design for fast and error-free trading. Thanks to real-time integrations, you can track positions instantly and access them from any device. These features enable effective reporting and monitoring.

V-Market is compatible with popular programming languages such as Python, C# or JavaScript thanks to its algorithm trading feature. This allows users to create their own custom strategies or trade using ready-made templates.

V-Market facilitates and helps optimize energy trading, offering a range of benefits to businesses. These benefits include the ability to diversify risks, optimize pricing, assess regional supply and demand differentials, and cross-border trading. Furthermore, with features such as real-time data streaming and algorithm trading, users can optimize their trading strategies and maximize profits.


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