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V-Market is a software product that effectively manages energy trading by enabling participants operating in energy markets to digitally integrate with all products offered by the market operator.

V-Market enables trading in day-ahead, intraday and ancillary services markets, as well as the management of bilateral agreements in over-the-counter markets. It offers ready-made algorithms for all traded markets and a wide range of options to reflect your own energy trading

It works integrated with the V-Plant Manager product to instantly reflect the day-ahead and intraday planning of power plants and industrial facilities to market transactions. It works integrated with the V-Supplier product for the management of daily and monthly operations of the meters where you carry out electricity supply operations and with the V-Forecast product for day-ahead consumption forecasts. It works integrated with V-Finance in the management of financial processes such as collateral accounts and daily payment calculations.

Key Features

Market Settings

The information required to access the services offered in the energy markets from digital environments through software integration is defined. Transaction limits and basic settings for day-ahead and intraday markets are recorded on the application, ensuring that the transaction flow is carried out accurately and consistently.

Meter Management

The purchase and sale offer planned to be made on more than one meter belonging to the same market member are consolidated as a single offer and the matching amounts are distributed over the meters. The positions of the meters in energy trade are recorded for the
cases where imbalance amounts are desired to be monitored for the meters to which supply service is provided. In cases where the V-Market product is used together with the V-Supplier product, the meter portfolio is optionally synchronized with the V-Supplier product. Thanks to this synchronization, as a result of the meters added to or removed from the portfolio, the total amount of positions to be managed for the first day of the next month is under control at the end of the month. The bid quantities that need to be transmitted to the market for the meters can be manually entered into the system, or the quantities for the day-ahead market can be filled automatically by integrating with the forecasting product V-Forecast. Similarly, for production meters, the production plans created on the V-Plant Manager product are automatically reflected on the meter positions, ensuring synchronization in both day-ahead and intraday markets. With virtual meter support, position management can be done from a single point for scenarios that are to be processed collectively. With V-Forecast integration for scenarios that are forecasted in batches, batch forecast values are automatically recorded on the virtual meter.

Portfolio Management

Trading points can be grouped under different portfolio definitions as profit and cost centers. Physical meters can be added under portfolio definitions as well as virtual meters.

Offer Wizard

Complex offers to be submitted to day-ahead markets can be easily created with the offer wizard. Templates can be created and reused for certain periods. Settings and constraints can be set for recurring offers, future offers, offers to be used for a certain period of time. Offer cascading determined at the market participant level can be used for all sub-points that transmit offers through the relevant participant. Maximum offer cascading, minimum and maximum prices determined by the market operator in the buy and sell direction are controlled from a central point.

Day-Ahead Market

Offers to be transmitted to day-ahead markets can be entered manually or offers can be prepared and transmitted automatically with default values set via the offer wizard. In case there are any points that have not yet been entered during the control hours determined before the last offer entry time, the relevant users are notified. The offer matching results announced by the market operator are automatically retrieved by the system and users are informed. For the points for which offers are entered, for those whose integration with V-Forecast, V-Plant Manager or V-Sensor products is active, the quantities are automatically withdrawn and the offer is created and transmitted.

Intraday Market

Offers can be submitted to the intraday markets either manually or automatically in accordance with the strategies determined by the users. Offer results can be monitored instantly on the screens, and users are also notified at the same time. In cases where live data integration is established for electricity generation plants and industrial plants, especially wind and solar power plants, bids are automatically transmitted to the intraday market in case of malfunction and maintenance-related changes in forecast values or production plans during the day.

Bilateral Contracts

Bilateral contracts made in over-the-counter markets are recorded in the system and automatically transmitted throughout the agreement period. Net position tracking in day-ahead and intraday markets is done by calculating bilateral agreements.

Balancing Power Markets and Ancillary Services

Offer entries and orders of participants operating in balancing power markets and ancillary services markets are managed by the system. With this function, which is integrated with the V-Plant Manager application, all market transactions are consolidated at a single point.

Key Benefits

• Management of all market transactions from a single center
• Fast and error-free operation capability with user-friendly design
• Instant position tracking with real-time integrations
• Access from all devices with its web-based design
• Low investment cost with easy installation

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