VTC Enerji

Would you like to join the VTC Energy Family, which has one of its dynamic teams?

VTC Energy has adopted the human-oriented management approach as its company philosophy since the first day it was established. The basis of VTC Energy's Human Resources policy is the happiness of both individuals and teams, growth through initiative and the respect that endless trust brings to all employees.

In the light of our human resources policy, some of the principles that VTC Energy Human Resources department attaches special importance to are listed as follows:
  • Appropriate job assignment for the person
  • Performance-related career planning
  • The overlap of business goals with a person’s career goals
  • Equal opportunity for everyone

The Recruitment Process

One of the criteria that we attach the most importance to in the recruitment processes at VTC Energy is our competencies. It is important for candidates to have the following main competencies: Competencies of VTC Energy:
  • To know their own abilities
  • To produce solutions to customer’s demands in the most accurate and fast way
  • To be innovative and creative
  • To support the development of internal and external stakeholders of the company
  • To be able to see the whole
  • To contribute to the changing world
  • To be result-oriented
All or some of the following evaluation tools are applied in the evaluation of the applicants in accordance with the requirements of the position:
  • Competency-oriented interviews
  • Sectoral exam
  • Personality inventory

    ​As a result of the evaluations, the job will be offered to the suitable candidates by VTC Energy and then the candidates will be a part of the VTC Energy Family. In the recruitment process, our goal is to fully determine the knowledge, skills and competencies of the people. In this way, we will contribute to the fact that the our new team member starts working in the most appropriate department for his abilities and has a smooth work experience. If you believe that our VTC Energy team, which is constantly growing and becoming global, will add strength to its strength, you can send us your resume immediately from the application form!