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Industrial facilities that consume 1000 TOE and more energy need to receive consultancy according to the Energy Efficiency Law. With its expert staff, VTC Energy conduct energy studies of industrial facilities and enables them to maximize their energy efficiency.

1000 TEP ve üzerinde enerji tüketen endüstri kuruluşlarının, Enerji Verimliliği Kanununa göre danışmanlık alması gerekir. VTC Enerji, uzman kadrosu ile endüstri kuruluşlarının enerji etütlerini yapar ve enerji verimliliklerini en üst seviyeye çıkarmasını sağlar.

Why Energy Efficiency Consultancy?

With Energy Efficiency Consultancy, it is aimed to save energy without a decrease in production capacity and quality. VTC Energy unlocks the potential of energy savings for industrial facilities to save millions or, in some cases, billions of TRY each year. Thus, an important step is taken for the transition to sustainable production and profitability increases.

Is It Mandatory to Receive Energy Efficiency Consultancy?

Energy Efficiency Consultancy is mandatory for industrial enterprises that consume more than 1000 TOE. The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources imposes some sanctions on industrial facilities that have an energy consumption of over 1000 TOE and do not receive consultancy services. The sanction list can be accessed through the Energy Efficiency Law.

Industrial facilities with energy consumption below 1000 TOE can receive Energy Efficiency Consultancy in order to increase their efficiency and profitability.

Where to Get Energy Efficiency Consultancy?

Industrial Facilities that want to avoid sanctions, move to a sustainable production process or increase their profitability should apply to enterprises licensed by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources for Energy Efficiency Consultancy. 


Advantages of Energy Efficiency Consultancy

Energy saving potentials are revealed with Energy Efficiency Consultancy and necessary projects are qualified. The advantages of Energy Efficiency Consultancy are listed as follows:

  • Product costs decrease without decreasing production capacity and quality. 
  • Subsidies and support can be utilized with energy efficiency projects. 
  • Industrial facilities) become sustainable. 


What are the services offered in Energy Efficiency Consulting?

Below steps are followed sequentially by VTC’s energy efficiency experts: 




Field Exploration


and Controls



Preparation of Scope

First of all, the scope of the work is arrange for industrial enterprises that decide to have an energy survey.

Accordingly, the units that consume the most energy, the areas where savings can be made, the machines that are thought to be inefficient, the equipment in the auxiliary facilities, air conditioning, equipment, pumps, boilers and all units that can reduce energy efficiency are determined. Thus, the measurement is carried out at the points that will provide maximum benefit and the TOE value is reduced as much as possible.

Preliminary Audit

A general information file is arranged about the works and procedures to be done before going to industrial facilities with preliminary work. VTC Energy organizes a separate meeting with industrial facilities for preliminary information before going to the field. 

During the meeting, issues such as which measurements will be made, the places where the measurements will be carried out and the added value to be obtained after the measurement are clarified. Thus, industrial facilities can learn about the benefits they can derive from the energy audit and how to conduct the audit. It is also explained which of the outputs to be obtained through the energy audit and support and incentives can be applied. 

After the meeting, the preliminary audit stage is started. The units to be measured are informed and these units are requested to be ready for measurement. Upon completion of the preparations, VTC Energy’s expert staff visits the units with measuring devices. 

Measuring instruments used in energy audit are:

  • Flue Gas Analyzer
  • Thermal Camera
  • Compressed Air Leak Detection Device
  • Liquid Conductivity Meter
  • Temperature Meter and Probes
  • Liquid Ultrasonic Flow Meter (Flowmeter)
  • Humidity Meter
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Energy Analyzer
  • Tachometer
  • Decibel meter
  • Compressed air flow meter
  • Luxmeter
  • Probes in various sizes
  • Anemometer
  • Other auxiliary measuring instruments

Not all measuring instruments are used in every industry. Facilities are also informed about which tools will be used before the measurement. 

Energy Audit

The energy audit begins with the measurements made by visiting the measurement points determined during the preliminary audit process. VTC Energy’s expert staff performs measurements in accordance with both universal occupational health and safety principles and the rules defined by industrial facilities in addition. During the measurements, efforts are made to avoid the slightest decrease in the production capacity of the industrial facilities.

During the measurements, the company’s quality standards and environmental protocols are also complied with and during the procedures, employees such as OHS specialist are employed.

A closing meeting is held with the end of the measurement processes. VTC Energy engineers, who make measurements at the closing meeting and perform on-site analyses, make the information and explain the possible energy saving areas and what can be done.

At the closing meeting, also the Efficiency Enhancement Project, presentations are made about incentives and supports such as Region 5, (which is Priority Investments Support) and the Voluntary Agreement. Thus, it is ensured that enterprises can make the necessary arrangements with minimum expenditure and benefit from the relevant support, incentive or both.

Energy Efficiency Reporting

In Energy Efficiency Consultancy, all reports are prepared in accordance with the principles and standards specified in the relevant communiqué by Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources. Thus, industrial facilities are prevented from encountering any legal problems.


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