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V-Sensor is an IIoT software that accelerates the digital transformation of industrial enterprises and energy production facilities. Regardless of the device manufacturer or the communication protocol, it is easy to track instant data on energy consumption and production. This cloud-based software supports OPC UA, Modbus, http, mqtt and many other protocols, enabling industry-standard data reading.

How it Works?

V-Sensor data collection processes are carried out using special measurement devices developed for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platforms. The measuring devices used stand out with their long life, small size and low energy consumption. In addition, thanks to its cloud-based infrastructure, it can be monitored from anywhere and integrated with different systems for digital transformation of enterprises. Thus, energy production or consumption processes can be digitalized. The energy production and consumption values of organizations, such as electricity or natural gas, are instantly monitored and digitized, as well as transferred to the cloud-based web application. Thus, problems such as data loss are not encountered. In addition, data can be monitored from anywhere with internet access. V-Sensor is also not disabled in case of internet outages. Data is stored internally when the internet is not available and transmitted to the system when internet access is restored.



Supports OPC UA and MODBUS


Transports Data Through APIs and MQTT




Rule Engine


Smart Alarms and Notifications


Fully Customizable Dashboards


calable and Fault Tolerant Microservices Architecture


Robust Security and Audit

V-Sensor has been designed using modern software architecture approaches. With its platform-independent structure, it can run in any environment and scale automatically. Even in the case of data flow at very high frequency and from many devices to the platform, the system intelligently plans the resource requirement based on the load and keep providing the same quality service without causing any performance loss.

It is designed as definition-based, so new types of telemetry data having different units can be transferred to the system without any additional cost. It supports all protocols and data transfer methods commonly used in the industry for sending data to the system.

V-Sensor, which includes built-in reports and business functions designed according to the common business needs of companies operating in the energy sector, works in integration with V-Gen products and offers the advantage of having real-time data in both forecast models and energy trade.

Key Benefits

  • Real Time Data Monitoring
  • Platform independent web-based design
  • Electricity consumption and generation tracking
  • Analytical calculations with rule engine

V-Sensor offers instant data monitoring in industrial plants and power generation facilities. With this feature, businesses can continuously monitor critical data such as energy consumption and production. This enables businesses to make quick decisions and increase operational efficiency.

V-Sensor has a platform independent web-based structure. This allows users to access it from different devices and through any operating system. This provides flexibility and a user-friendly experience.

V-Sensor is a powerful tool for monitoring electricity consumption and production. This allows energy companies, industrial plants and power generation facilities to better understand energy flow and improve efficiency.

Through analytical calculations and a rules engine, V-Sensor allows users to deeply analyze data and automatically initiate actions based on specific rules. This enables businesses to extract more value from data and helps them optimize their operational processes.

Who Is It For?



V-Sensor serves various industries such as electric power plants, industrial plants, utility companies, balancers and aggregators.

V-Sensor supports communication protocols commonly used in industry standards such as OPC UA, Modbus, HTTP, MQTT.

V-Sensor has features such as real-time data monitoring, platform independent web-based design, electricity consumption and generation monitoring, rule engine with analytical calculations.

V-Sensor offers a flexible and scalable structure with no installation costs. It also accelerates decision-making processes with real-time data monitoring, customizable dashboards and analytical calculations.

V-Sensor has a structure that includes strong security and audit measures. It is designed to meet industry standards for data security and privacy.

V-Sensor monitors and analyzes various types of data such as energy consumption, production and other industrial process data.

V-Sensor is designed with a micro service architecture and has an auto-scaling feature. This allows it to cope with high data traffic and device counts and provide services without performance loss.


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