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What is energy monitoring? Why it’s essential and necessary? What are the advantages? How VTC Enerji does it using V-Sensor?


What is energy monitoring? Why it’s essential and necessary? What are the advantages? How VTC Enerji does it using V-Sensor?

In a world where people get and transfer thousands of data every second through smart watches, smart security systems, medical sensors, fitness trackers, smart electrical gadgets and especially IoT gateways which will be covered to be emphasized in this article. They all collect and share data. By adding bluetooth or wi-fi to coffee maker to make them speak to smart phone, as the level of intelligence increases, it becomes smarter and more reasonable in IoT world.

The size of IoT device could be as small as nanochip where you get to inject your skin in order to read body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure even the vitamins that need to be taken respectively in a day. However , could be as big as space station where billions of complex information processed like ozone , water vapor , weather forecast , telecommunication and broadcasting channel hundred miles away from the earth. And that’s exactly how IoT gain a big seat in a communication world.


Energy costs are increasing every passing day. Although it is a big plus on manufacturing costs, many businesses pass the system up. For the businesses that consumes electricity, gas, water on a large scale like hundread of megawatss, tons of cubic meter need to be monitored in real-time.

Basically, it is a system that allows instantaneous monitoring, analysis and management of energy consumption from a single center. It aims to provide information about their energy consumption habits and to collect energy data used for consumers.

Now we come to the point where hardware and software combines and creates a powerful tool V-Sensor. It offers an energy monitoring system that ensures energy usage in the business is provided at continuously lower costs with higher quality and cleaner way, more interestingly that it is planned to be used in an environmentally friendly way.


A properly configured energy monitoring system is a necessity for any type of energy expenditure. From food to iron-steel, automative to garment industry it’s used. Majorly, Energy monitoring system shows how and where the most of the consumption used or Which loads are drawing highest energy ? According to these values, Factories will be able to analyze and control the consumption in more detail.


In today’s world where the cost of energy is quite high and that brings the importance of energy monitoring system. It is possible to use energy correctly by monitoring and analyzing. We will mention the main benefits of the energy monitoring system to businesses.

Environmental Consciousness

  • “We are running the most dangerous experiment in history right now, which is to see how much carbon dioxide the atmosphere can handle before there is an environmental catastrophe.” — Elon Musk

As people becoming more aware of what is coming, as seasons change , as degrees on earth increases , as degradation of the ozone layer rises , we should approach realistic to global warming and take some action.

Right Prediction

Evaluating data from the energy monitoring system can reveal existing or potential problems that could adversely affect the operation and production activities within a facility. Data taken from the energy monitoring system provides solution for finding the instant and constant problems to increase efficiency. By constantly reading energy consumption habits, It resolves where saving made of in a facility.

With Extensive Supporting Protocol which V-Sensor monitoring system supports such as MQTT, MODBUS RTU, MODBUS ASCII, MODBUS TCP/IP, OPC UA constant data could be gathered from energy analyzers, electricity meter etc. Moreover you can create tables and diagram by using V-Sensor dashboards and even play with which parameters concerns most.


An alarm could be set in order to avoid exceeding energy parameters. With artificial intelligience, it can also forecast potential upcoming power outages.


The energy monitoring system prevents from being exposed to potentially hazardous environments by predicting situations such as energy leakage of equipment in hazardous areas. Optionally, The sensors included in the energy monitoring system also allow the measurement of various additional parameters (temperature, pressure, flow rate, vibration etc.).

Cost Saving

Thanks to the energy saving opportunities offered by V-Sensor, the reduction of the budget allocated to energy allows businesses to invest and provide more research and development. Due to comprehensive data it provides, it allows a very detailed energy monitoring process to be carried out and the energy budget plans for future more realistically.

How V-Sensor works?

It includes monitoring and reporting many parameters related to energy such as consumption, frequency, voltage and current. It provides data to users on a daily basis such as how much energy is used and the behavior of the energy.

Writer: Abdülsamet Duman – Automatisation Engineer