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V-Sensor is an industrial internet of things platform that transport any kind of telemetry data to the cloud with various protocol and communication options, offers analytical tools for processing the data, and enables live monitoring of results through customized dashboards.

V-Sensor has been designed using modern software architecture approaches. With its platform-independent structure, it can run in any environment and scale automatically. Even in the case of data flow at very high frequency and from many devices to the platform, the system intelligently plans the resource requirement based on the load and keep providing the same quality service without causing any performance loss.

It is designed as definition-based, so new types of telemetry data having different units can be transferred to the system without any additional cost. It supports all protocols and data transfer methods commonly used in the industry for sending data to the system.

V-Sensor, which includes built-in reports and business functions designed according to the common business needs of companies operating in the energy sector, works in integration with V-Gen products and offers the advantage of having real-time data in both forecast models and energy trade.

Key Features

Supports OPC UA and MODBUS

Transports Data Through APIs and MQTT


Rule Engine

Smart Alarms and Notifications

Fully Customizable Dashboards

calable and Fault Tolerant Microservices Architecture

Robust Security and Audit

Key Benefits

  • Real-time data monitoring
  • Platform independent web-based design
  • Electricity consumption and generation tracking
  • Custom dashboard designs based on different business scenarios
  • Analytical calculations with rule engine
  • Easy setup with no upfront cost

Who is it for?

– Electricity power plants with any kind

– Industrial plants

– Utility companies

– Balance responsible parties

– Aggregators


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