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V-Gen is a digital energy management software platform that effectively manages energy trade by enabling participants operating in energy markets to digitally integrate with all commodity markets and products offered by the market operator. Day-ahead, intraday or future bids are sent through web APIs based on your parameters and price margins with no hassle.

The status of each offer sent to the market operator is tracked, so live position of your assets can be monitored in real-time. Based on the confirmed offer results, nomination of capacities is sent to TSO through web APIs.

Production plans of any kind of power plants are prepared and delivered to operators based on the market results. For the plants that have flexibility, V-Gen optimizes the production plan based on market prices in order to maximize the profit. For the CHP (co-generation plant) owners, the state-of-the-art optimization algorithms calculate the best efficient mode by modelling each energy source including alternative steam or heat generators.


In order to provide the best accurate consumption and generation plan, V-Gen integrates with various of data sources including but not limited to Automated Meter Reading (AMR) systems, Market Operator data, TSO data, forecast and weather service providers. The data which is retrieved from many sources are processed and turned into market offers based on the parameters and constraints of market member.

V-Gen allows its users to define the cost related parameters for each plant. By doing so, V-Gen calculates the profit for each contract interval and sum the calculation up to in day, week, month and year level. After the settlement is published by the market operator, all variables and invoice are retrieved and validated against the daily transactions. After the validation process, confirmed data is published as reports which can be drill down as required.

Features of V-Gen

Market Integrations (Day-ahead, Intraday, Future)

Cost Optimization

Smart Reporting

Imbalance Management

Production Planning and Nomination

Why V-Gen?

The cost of a small error can be very high when it comes to energy market operations. V-Gen ensures that energy processes are managed in a sustainable way with automation. In short, operational processes become easier and errors are prevented.

On the other hand, electricity generated or consumed regardless of the sector or plant type can be traded at the optimum prices to increase the profit, and the open positions can be balanced in order to decrease the imbalance cost. So, overall profitability can be managed in a sustainable way.

Key Benefits

  • V-Gen has integration with all market actors (Market Operator, TSO, DSOs, AMR Service Providers) under a single roof and provides 7/24 health-check to ensure the availability of the services.
  • As a SaaS platform, V-Gen always upgrade itself based on the market regulations and sector trends.
  • V-Gen allows you to monitor and manage your energy production and consumption through a single platform.
  • With the optimization service, V-Gen increases your energy sales revenue and reduces your consumption costs by 20%.
  • V-Gen manages the recurring processes such as day-ahead market offers and nomination process which secures the most critical parts of energy operations.
  • All data flow is transparent to users, so any transaction can be audited.
  • V-Gen sends instant notifications about developments in energy markets.

Who is it for?

  • Wind Power Plants 
  • Solar Power Plants
  • Electricity Suppliers
  • CHP Plants
  • Industrial Plants
  • Factories Generating Their Own Energy
  • Biomass Power Plants
  • Hydroelectric Power Plants
  • Geothermal Power Plants



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