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V-Forecast is a software solution for forecasting of electricity load. The solution is a self-learning and self-calibrating system. It is based on AI, Machine Learning, Statistical Models and historical load data to automatically produce accurate electricity load forecasts.
V-Forecast automatically detects seasonality and can apply multi-seasonality based on the historical load data. It is powerful & accurate, yet easy-to-use and quick to implement. It can be up and running in hours or even minutes.

Key Benefits

  • Automatically and accurately forecasts electricity load for a portfolio of electricity consumers.
  • Increases security of supply for electricity customers.
  • Easy and inexpensive to install, maintain and operate.
  • Low maintenance with minimal interference and interaction required from the client.
  • Clustering different assets and producing forecasts for cluster itself. It can be used for day-ahead market orders of the customers which have multiple assets.

Key Features

Asset Management

Customers can define assets as many as they want and get the forecasts for each asset. Various models are trained and best fitting model is found for each asset. Assets can be clustered and forecasts are also produced for the cluster itself.

Availability Management

Customers can define time periods to scale down or manually enter the forecasts of the assets for maintenance or holidays.

Day-ahead Forecasting

Forecasts are auto-generated for day-ahead (48 hours) electricity loading.

Best Model Selection

Asset data periodically is trained and best model is found between various AI, Machine Learning and Statistical Models.

Sharing Forecasts

Produced forecasts can be retrieved via API which V-Forecast supplies for each asset. Forecasts can also be sent to customers via e-mail, FTP, FTPS or SFTP.

Sharing Configuration

Produced forecasts can be timed for each asset. Customers can decide when to get an email or a file for their assets.

V-Sensor Integration

V-Forecast has built-in integration with V-Sensor. Customer can easily map V-Sensor Assets to V-Forecast assets. So that asset historical data can be updated with live inputs coming from V-Sensor. Asset historical data will always be up to date. Customers don’t have to upload excels all the time.

Automated Meter Reading Systems Integration

V-Forecast has built-in integration with various AMR systems and it expands day by day. If asset is a meter, meter data can be retrieved from AMR systems to get actualized data and save it for future load forecasts.

Automated Data Gathering

Through V-Sensor and AMR integrations, actualized load data automatically and continually retrieved and used in training and forecasting load.

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