VTC Enerji

We offer all the components your industrial facility will need for industry 4.0 transformation with a holistic perspective.


With specially designed low-energy, long-lasting, and space-saving IoT devices, we can easily connect to the points to be monitored. We make your remotely read data can be shared securely with peripheral systems over industry standard protocols. In addition to Electricity and Gas consumption data, we can read and digitize any data that an industrial facility needs in the decision processes. Your company employees can instantly access all reading data from our cloud-based web application. With the independent design and advanced infrastructure of our system, we can directly integrate your existing devices without incurring additional costs on your existing device investments. We store the data read when the internet connection is insufficient or completely cut off and transmit it losslessly when reconnected. We eliminate the need for separate suppliers for each device and minimize digital transformation costs.


We create input to decision mechanisms by processing your read data instantly. With the artificial intelligence algorithms we have developed, we predict the next step and minimize unknown costs. We create scenario-based analytical models using data read from our advanced remote reading infrastructure. With methods such as vibration, oil, temperature analysis, we make the failures that may occur can be detected beforehand.


We can design a digital copy of your facilities, production lines, processes and make them traceable. By associating all objects with each other, we gain a holistic perspective. We enable to prepare process-based scenarios by establishing a relationship with real-time data. We analyze the data obtained from the remote reading system and present it over the digital twin of the facility.

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