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V-Gen is a digital energy management platform that works integrated with energy exchanges, TSOs, DSOs and third party service providers. With the state of the art optimization algorithms, V-Gen processes and calculates any cost related parameter against market clearing prices in the DAM and automatically provides electricity generating facilities with a daily generation-consumption plan, which reduces energy costs by 20%

How it Works?

V-Gen is a platform developed to optimize the electricity generation and consumption processes of industrial plants and power generation facilities. The working principle of V-Gen consists of the following steps: Data Analysis: V-Gen analyzes the production and consumption values of the facilities in detail. This analysis is used to estimate how much energy the facilities will need on a daily basis. Market Integration: The platform integrates Day Ahead Market (DAM) and Intraday Market (IMM) transactions with TEİAŞ’s Market Management System (MMS) notifications. In this way, electricity purchase and sale transactions of the facilities are carried out automatically and costs are minimized. Planning and Optimization: V-Gen optimizes the electricity generation and consumption plans of the facilities on a daily basis. In this optimization process, facilities are ensured to purchase electricity at the most affordable prices to meet their energy needs. Cost Calculation: The platform calculates the electricity production and sales costs of power generation facilities. In this way, the profitability of the facilities is increased and a competitive advantage is gained. Integration and Monitoring: V-Gen offers the opportunity to monitor energy market transactions and the production and consumption values of facilities on a single platform. In this way, users can easily manage their operations and increase efficiency.


Energy Monitoring

Cost Optimization

Smart Reporting

Imbalance Management

Multiple Energy Management

-V-Gen operates on a single platform. With the platform, energy market monitoring, consumption values and estimation of production amounts can be accessed.
V-Gen also calculates electricity production and sales costs for power generating plants. On a daily basis, it determines the time interval when electricity is sold at the highest price and enables power generating plants to put electricity on the market with the highest profitability.
V-Gen is also integrated with intreday market and day-ahead market. In this way, EPEX,Nord Pool, IBEX and EPİAŞ market transactions and notifications, which are normally done manually by the facilities, are performed automatically.

Key Benefits

-Operational Efficiency
-Cost Savings
-Strategic Planning and Decision Making:
-Ease of Integration and Monitoring
-High Profitability

  • Automation of Market Transactions
  • Making Energy Costs Sustainable
  • Optimization Service
  • Management of Critical Transactions

V-Gen automates market transactions performed through EPEX, Nordpool, IBEX and EPİAŞ facilitates the notifications to be made to TEİAŞ. In this way, operational processes are accelerated and errors are prevented.

V-Gen makes energy costs sustainable. This ensures that electricity produced or consumed, regardless of the sector, is supplied or sold at affordable prices. Furthermore, sustainable energy monitoring is ensured and human errors are avoided through automation.

V-Gen increases your energy sales revenues and reduces your consumption costs by 20%. In this way, it increases the profitability of the business and provides competitive advantage.

V-Gen manages critical transactions such as Day Ahead Market (DAM), GIP and Finalized Daily Production Schedule notifications. It also ensures that electricity is provided at the lowest cost with production and consumption forecasts. In this way, businesses can sell electricity with higher profitability by determining the hours with the highest energy sales value.

Who Is It For?



V-Gen is a digital energy management platform developed to optimize the electricity generation and consumption processes of industrial plants and power generation facilities.

V-Gen analyzes the production and consumption values of facilities, integrates energy market transactions, optimizes electricity production and consumption plans, calculates costs, and monitors and manages the operations of facilities.

V-Gen works integrated with energy exchanges such as EPEX, Nord Pool, EPİAŞ and TEİAŞ.

V-Gen offers energy monitoring, cost optimization, smart reporting, imbalance management and multi-energy management.

V-Gen optimizes energy production and consumption plans on a daily basis, enabling facilities to meet their energy needs at the most affordable prices.

The purpose of V-Gen is to reduce energy costs, optimize energy production and consumption processes and increase the competitive advantage of facilities.

V-Gen offers businesses benefits such as increasing energy sales revenues, reducing consumption costs by 20%, increasing business profitability and providing competitive advantage.

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V-Gen automates critical market transactions such as the Day Ahead Market (DAM), the SPP and the Daily Generation Plan, enabling utilities to procure energy at the lowest cost.


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